Chapter I Chai

Dashen Empire, capital of Beijing. Luo Yu, holding a thick ancient book, performed martial arts through a needle, and suddenly walked to his secluded courtyard, feeling a little depressed.
If his men didn ’t follow the family ’s hidden style at all, and he needed his own clique to run away to get this ancient book for a long time, he didn ’t want to walk out of his half-sealed courtyard at all, because he didn ’t want to hear the ridicule of those people in the family. In this exclusive performance, a group of 14-and 15-year-old Tsing Yi teenagers are in a circle, rubbing their hands, wishing and shouting slogans in their mouths. Circle * *, two similar years of Tsing Yi teenagers fist to leg, have been fighting for many times, suddenly a big eyebrow face of the teenager cheered, a punch on the shoulder of a strong young man outside, his body and bones hit out, the company of the company fell to the ground, half a day can ’t climb up. ”Less won again! Less won again! ” A young man with fighting eyes danced with his fist, and his cry was the loudest, as if he were afraid that people would not know it was his tune and hold it in the sky. ”Still dare to challenge this less? If you don ’t have it, you will live less, and if you have it less, you will have to bend down and side the road… ” The eyebrow-eyed face is a teenager for a week, and your expression is arrogant. ”Ouch ah, you see that is? Isn ’t that the least firewood in our Luo family? Luoshui, how did Ben Shao do it on weekdays… ” The face of the teenager shouted loudly, attracting a Luojia teenager to look at the trail beside the martial arts with curious eyes, and Lidu saw Luoyu who was about to leave the martial arts quickly. ”Less than you usually, firewood, that is, hitting people doesn ’t hurt, the fire is not prosperous, and there is no egg to use… Guy, like a little of our Luo family… ” One side of the bucket eyebrow color dance cried, just short of hand dance pedal. ”Ha, ha, ha, less! Chai is this son, this is a kind of special, too sinking the right one! It ’s really like a certain person! ” ”What kind of spirit? Is! I have only one firewood, and everyone knows the words that I don ’t nominate, that is, someone in our Luo family! ” There are many Luojia teenagers who want Bana less, echoing the flattering cry of bucket eyes. Everyone knows that this little man has always been at odds with the little man. On weekdays, he makes fun of this little man who can ’t be martial since childhood. He calls him firewood and makes every effort to ridicule him. Therefore, if he has the opportunity to show loyalty, everyone naturally scolds a few words of addiction. Anyway, the law is not, but he mainly wants to befriend this little man and increase his feelings. Luo Yu heard the ridicule on his body. He didn ’t talk to others. He didn ’t hold his fists, bite his teeth, and his face was very white and painful.
Although this group of people have had such an experience, he is the father of Luo ’s landlord, and he dare not scold him by name, but he is the only one, and everyone has the right to call him a big one? What is the area of insulting by name? But their feelings are again. Luo Yu accepted it because of her daughter ’s fetus. She was congenitally deficient and sickly, and was born unsuitable for martial arts.
And the face boy who laughed at him most fiercely was Luo Yu ’s grandfather ’s third brother and the fifth son of his third son, named Luo, because his biological mother Li was the first daughter of the royal family, and Li ’s mother and son were backed by the royal family. On weekdays, they pointed at Luo ’s family and ran sideways. Therefore, the Luo family clique is less in the eye, as long as every time you look at it, you will curse the word ”firewood ” and humiliate it. This is Luo Yu ’s father who never told his family owner. Even if his father knew it, he only had a little precept from others, but he couldn ’t be less than Luo. This will attract his father not to be high. Naturally, he won ’t be a bad fool, and he will only suffer great humiliation buried deep in his heart. When I turned to my secluded courtyard, I couldn ’t hear the abuse of ”firewood ” and ”firewood ” in my ears, but Luo Yu was still in a bad mood. He didn ’t care about being abused by others and scolded him for more than ten years. It was all false, but he didn ’t have the courage or strength to scold him back, because he was a ”firewood ” who couldn ’t be born with martial arts. Thought of here, Luo Yu clenched his fist, not soon loosened, breathed a sigh of relief, and looked very lonely. ///
Born unworthy of martial arts, this is already a matter of legal reform. Luo Yu can only accept this cruelty although he is unwilling. It is not his father who has been away from home for many years that he is most worried about. Because he hasn ’t started yet, his father has broken his heart because he can cure his natural unworthy problems. This time, it is more like a panacea for his son to wash his body fluids and cut bones and improve his body in the deep mountains and forests.
Cooking smoke billowed in the kitchen, and the little servant girl was on a delicious afternoon. Luo Yu was fine. He was at the table of the main room where he lived, looking through this newly borrowed ancient book. Since he couldn ’t fight like his family and teenagers every day, he couldn ’t wave in vain, so he could still do more books, and more importantly, he could relieve loneliness and fight.
His left hand was placed on the ancient books, and he was about to play, but Luo Yu ’s eyes fell on a ring worn by the middle finger of his left hand. This ring was not good-looking. The ring face was black and gray, shiny, like a stone, and it didn ’t look very good. The black and gray beads the size of beans on the ring face were carved with the stone ring, and there was no brilliance.
This stone ring is the only thing that his mother left him. His mother had already suffered heavy burdens when she gave birth to him. She tried her best to give birth to him, but her mother died because of heavy death. Because this Luo Yu can ’t get her mother ’s face at all, only every time she sees this mother ’s thing can she fantasize about her mother ’s children in the sea. I don ’t know, the tears of missing bead out of the corner of my eye, dripping on the stone ring of the middle finger of my left hand, and one of them just drops on the black and gray beads with the size of beans on the ring face. On the ground, a dazzling black light appeared on the ring face, like a black sun, which made people lose their knowledge instantly. /p

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