Ai Sekaitsu eyelids gently open, he wakes up finding himself on his bed.

|Huh? How did I get here. That man, did he stop me? Well that doesn matter now, but why can the universe let me be at peace!|

Ai Sekaitsu jumps out of his bed and runs. He rushes towards the kitchen, tripping and falling as he goes in hurry. The young boy bursts open the drawer and pulls out a knife. His breathing intensifies and his face started to sweat profusely.

|So this is it huh, its time I comfort myself with death|

Sekaitsu pulls the knife nearer to his neck and at the moment when his about to kill himself a voice is heard.


< Is my servant a COWARD! >

|What was that?|

< Answer my question! >

”Whos there ”

< Look at me when I am talking to you >

Sekaitsu looks and suddenly sees a man in front of him wearing a knights armor.

”Who the hell are you? ”

< Fine let allow me to introduce myself. I am legendary king of Britain, Author Pendragon. >

”Your right? ”

|Wait does this have to with that game?|

< Your right, it does >

”How did you know what I was thinking ”

< I exist within your conscious >

”How? ”

< Check your cards special attribute on the info page >

Ai Sekaitsu summons out his card and checks the info page. He looks at the special attribute and sees

– Special Attribute: Kings Servant

This allows you to

converse and

receive advice from

King Author.

”I see, so what was your question again? ”

< Is my servant a coward? >

”No, I don really think so ”

< Is my servant selfish >

”No ”

< Then why do you want to kill yourself >

”Killing yourself isn selfish nor is it cowardly. ”

”Sorry but this a different era from where you are from ”

< The shit thats spewing from your mouth is a lot boy >

”You…. You don understand. ”

< How ignorant of you, the suffering of man is all the same no matter the era >

”Then try and explain. Excatly how its cowardly and selfish you arrogant prick. ”

< Those who kill themselves are just running away from their problems, struggles, pain, debts and suffering instead of trying to change that or do something about it. When you kill yourself you fulfill your wish of dying but cause pain to all those who love you. Now you surely understand >

|I just have a questions though|

”Is it still selfish if no one loves you ”

< Well- >

”Im not done yet. Can you consider it cowardly if a person has been trying all their and all life does is spit on them as if it wants you quit, getting annoyed at the amount you try ”

|< This boy, his face looks like its been stricken with grief and sorrow. I sense nothing but that inside of him, its as if his just a walking corpse whose soul died years ago. What has he gone through to be able say such things >|

”Cat got your tongue, oh how sad. Now you surely understand, hehe. ”


< I do not have an answer for that but I must first see it for myself. So why don you show me just how rotten this world this. >

”Gladly! ” replies Sekaitsu with a confident smirk on his face.

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