Patron saint

Chapter Three mentions ghosts

A few minutes later, the man walked away from his life, and Feng Ting said, ”Fortunately, you came, and my legs squatted until I didn ’t know, so I won ’t investigate the matter of slapping me. No, you have to understand why you came out in the men ’s room. ” Seal Ting didn ’t good the spirit to see the man a few eyes, this she just clearly see the man ’s surface, more than 1.7 meters, wearing overalls, but it is the workers here, thin, handsome but also have some lasting appeal, that is, the eyes are better than buck teeth. ”Have you been in the toilet? You don ’t know what ’s born in it? ” Feng Ting is against that man.
The man pulled his cheeks, A little embarrassed: ”It ’s not long since I went to work, When I was full, I came to the toilet, and I forgot to give birth. I wanted to wait for someone to come for help, but I seemed to hear a noise outside, and then I didn ’t wait for anyone to come, and no one answered a good voice. I didn ’t know what I gave birth to, so I waited until I heard two noises, so I chatted and tasted the next one again, knowing that you had brought big-eared melon seeds. ” Feng Ting looked at the man in front of him strangely and spit out: ”Your heart is really big, and you can really squat. ” She felt that this was a big living person, not a ghost. Although she felt that men had some reasons, she was related to this matter. Stick sealing Ting roughly and boys at present. ”What? Ghosts? No way, how can there be ghosts in this place! ” My DV is out of order.
Feng Ting started with her palm: ”Things are probably with you. I don ’t care if you believe it or not, but you are going to leave. ”
The man waved his hand and refused: ’No, no, my legs haven ’t come yet. I can ’t walk. I can ’t walk. ’ Seal Ting ground rolled his eyes, but suddenly grabbed the man ’s son and walked out of the direction. ”I… Belle, you order, ouch! ” Keep punching. Shut the man out, Feng Ting went back inside, and was meeting Ding Wen who had finished painting. When Feng Ting came back from the outside, Ding Wen said, ”What have you been doing? ” ”After a survivor, he sent it out. Have you finished drawing it? ” Ding Wen ordered a little. ”I killed a small one, and it is probably still an old one. ” Feng Ting expression. Ding Wen some, this is the first time to seal Ting to show this expression, it seems that there is no ah in the home. Two people go together, and after searching the studio soon, they are allowed to explore on the second floor, which is mainly the locker room of the workers. The ladder can ’t be used, because they took the stairs and stepped on the stairs for a few steps, and they felt a cold and heavy Yin Qi coming on their faces. Every time they took a few steps, the strength of Yin Qi was several points heavier. ”This guy is our well-informed. Why don ’t we tell them first and they make a decision? ” Ding Wen began to sweat. He said, ”This must be our well-informed. ” Feng Ting disdained to say: ”If you are afraid to go below, I will pay for it alone. ” Ding Wen knows that Feng Ting is strong, because she looks quiet, and her breathing has been disordered. As a result, he must give a message first on his mobile phone. As a result, his mobile phone has a black screen, so he can ’t hit it. Eye seal Ting has gone up alone, Ding Wen simply point in. Coming to the second floor, the thickest place of this letter comes from a corner of the men ’s locker room. The locker room is very big, so she went to pickpockets to catch it, and a wardrobe sank to the corner.
A horrible figure came out. The ghost was dressed in rags and trousers soaked in blood. From the dress, it could be seen that only the male ghost was found, but the ghost had no bag. No, the ghost bag was carried by himself in his hand, and the ghost bag was messy, and his face was bloody. And the ghost ’s foot is stepping on the most injured person whose life and death are unknown. It depends on the situation. Seal Ting Leng is, she hasn ’t got the child ’s ghost yet.
Only the ghost carried his bag in his left hand and slowly headed for Feng Ting. With a cold voice, he came: ”Yo! In addition to the spiritual officer, the soul must be delicious. ” Seal Ting this just come back to God, two don ’t wear that mention ghost on a few children, son hit the eye, but mention ghost but seems to have no feeling.
”Scattered soul fragrance? Hey hey hey, unfortunately I am useless. ” The sound of carrying ghost bags. Seal Ting ignored, and how many?
The ghost still didn ’t receive any audio and video, and instantly came to Feng Ting and stretched out his pale right hand to him. Seal Ting said again next move, has no children. Just want to catch her, this Ding Wen rushed over from the side, grabbed the seal Ting ’s arm, a pull to one, encourage to go. Hey hey, two except spiritual officials, this is really a big meal. The ghost approached the two men.
Ding Wen simply pulled out a seal script from his pocket and silently said: ”The sky is sunny and the earth is cloudy, the golden fire is thunder! ” However, Fu Zhuan was quickly thrown to the ghost. Fu Zhuan began to burn in midair, and soon turned into a Lei Guang, and Lei Guang circled the ghost like a strip. Hum, small skill of carving insects. When the ghost figure is illusory, it comes out of the bundle, and Lei Guang disappears. Ding Wen sealed Ting with a face: ”This is a Yin brake ghost. I can ’t pay it. Let ’s withdraw first. ” When people die, the soul with big thoughts or resentment will not dissipate, but will become a ghost, while those with big resentment will visualize the dead son and become a more powerful Yin brake ghost. Feng Ting is a face of determination: ”This ghost sunshine its movie is not so big. If he goes outside, it will cause more people to die. I will live him. You go for help first. ” Take out a chain engraved with runes from the back.
Ding Wen listened with great urgency: ”You can ’t live with him, or I ’ll come, you go for help. ” So several seal characters fell. Seal Ting slow Yu, hand useless she is not a person, the next person ’s Ding Wen is more useful than himself. She bit her lip and ran to the stairs, which she regretted, so she listened to Ding Wen ’s prompt for help. The ghost let Feng Ting leave, but sneered: ”Hey hey, also want to leave. ”
Ding Wen intercepted the ghost and threw out the seal characters one by one. Some of these seal characters turned into Lei Guang and some into fire tongues, but unfortunately they did not cause any harm. The ghost body constantly unreal trembling, let Fu seal attack from his body wear, and then slowly approach Ding Wen. Ding Wen was in a hurry to sweat and retreat. I want something that can touch the helmet. ’ ’It ’s used up. Shit! Ding Wen couldn ’t help but burst into swearing. When he came back, a pale hand had reached out to him, just waiting for him. A chain came, one end hit the hand, and a string of sparks started. The hand stopped, and Ding Wen waited for the machine to step back quickly. ”Why are you back! ” Ding Wen shouted in anger. No, it was Feng Ting who shot. Feng Ting came to Ding Wen and showed signs of weakness by climbing the wall: ”Ghost hits the wall. ” I ’m leaving! Ding Wen looked at the bottom, the big ghost can do people ’s meaning, so that it can ’t get out of the ”ghost fight wall ”, but it can make others who have spiritual power fall into ghost fight wall, and the ghost is bigger than the ghost in Yin brake. ”Hey hey hey, mine, I can ’t run! ” There is a cold voice on the side. /p

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