In the middle of the kitchen. He Yuzhu also didn ’t have God for half a day. He Yuzhu also never thought of it. I just watched it for a while.
actually crossed here. None of this is the point. The point is this corner. Have the same name and surname as yourself. They are all called He Yuzhu.
. It was 1965. He Yuzhu, the original owner. That is, the self in.
In the factory. Is a famous chef. Because the kitchen is very not, although it is also very big, it is also in charge of the kitchen. A month ’s work. What does this mean? Because the work is very smooth. In addition, he is still a chef. In this generation. This is a safe bowl. In the middle of the sea. Especially love. He Yuzhu is here. He Yuzhu, who has the same name and surname as himself. He Yuzhu feels very sorry. Although the original owner is very kind. But was harmed by Qinhuai Ru. Qinhuai Ru this woman. That directly sucked the blood of a son from the original owner. ”From now on, I am He Yuzhu, and I won ’t go to it. His people suck my blood!!! ” Think of your body. In the kitchen. He Yuzhu ’s mouth murmured. And the corners of the mouth also showed a shallow smile. Here. Express one ’s meaning. That ’s too familiar. Silly column. Is the main summary of this part.
A little bit. In addition to Qinhuai Ru this person is very cow force, other people are also very cow. Especially in this courtyard house. I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean. There are no good people at all. Remove the old lady and Lou E in the yard. The others. Is all the bad guys. Only the best of them. It ’s Qinhuai Ru. Because an oligarch, plus a person still has to bear the whole family, so he put his own idea in the family, hit the person ’s life experience. I mean, I want to put my family and family together. It can be counted very well. This sentence means unwilling to take office. Because he is a very autocratic person. For the time being, silly columns are a little unaffectionate. Qinhuai Ru this woman. The meaning of this sentence is: your own special.
A little bit. This kid. It ’s completely human. It ’s always hanging a silly column. What does this mean? Especially what Qinhuai Ru did. He Yuzhu felt very hated. After all, it ’s no fun. Original owner. Refers to the original silly column. I ’m sure I ’ll live well.
One, two and three of the yards. He Yuzhu looked at it. And Qinhuai Ru this woman. Is to belong to the exact same. Is good West. For all these reasons. It ’s all about getting through ideas. Especially a big one.
Although he Yuzhu is very interested on the surface, in this yard, it is suspected to be similar to Qinhuai ’s. Thanks to the help of this chance. Mainly sucking blood. ”You flock of birds, I ’ll wait, your pillars come, and you want anything from me. It ’s impossible. ” Take a deep breath of fresh air. He Yuzhu secretly vowed. Yes. It ’s basically time to get off work. He Yuzhu went out directly from the kitchen. Look at the direction where the quadrangle is located. He Yuzhu is walking in the direction of quadrangles.
Go back to Siheyuan. Ding Ding! God is bound. God is bound successfully. It ’s just here. He Yuzhu is in his own sea. I heard the prompt sound. Department. This title. He Yuzhu ’s eyes. The meaning of this sentence is bright. What does this mean?
is from He Yuzhu of the interconnected generation. Those who are directly affiliated with familiar people. After all, it ’s like a small one. With the department. He belongs directly to Huang. He Yuzhu did not hesitate. Get familiar with this department. /p

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