Siheyuan: the leisurely life of the kitchen

Chapter II Returning to Siheyuan

Familiar with everything. He Yuzhu didn ’t know this. It turned out to be random. Get excited. Ding Ding! Bu Ren: The food in the hands of Captain Su went home to eat by himself, and Qinhuai ’s hope was dashed. Ren finished his work and let it go immediately! He Yuzhu is a trick. That is completely higher. Because Qinhuai is like a trick. This is the place I want. What do you think it is? Look at the box where you are. He Yuzhu also knows very well. This was packed before. The original silly column. In the west. It will definitely be handed over to Qinhuai Ru without ease. He Yuzhu got
. If these are handed over to Qinhuai Ru in the west. It ’s just a pity. After all, these West. If you eat your own stomach. Doesn ’t the road smell good? He Yuzhu had an idea. He Yuzhu moved back and forth directly. It didn ’t take long. He Yuzhu arrived at the quadrangle. He Yuzhu is in Siheyuan. He Yuzhu ’s whole mood? That ’s completely better than the feeling. Because of quadrangles. It is mainly divided into three courtyards.
points are front yard, middle yard and hospital. Because in this day and age. Reform has not yet begun. With law and order, etc. That is also the most basic self in the yard. On the grounds of each hospital. There is also a big one in each yard. Take care of the bad situation. A big easy sea. That is, the most popular person in the courtyard. Live in the Intermediate People ’s Court. The way it is. Feel people ’s mood. But in this courtyard house. Fang ’s prestige. That ’s suspicion.
is the highest of several compounds. Because of a big situation in the compound. It ’s basically a Dali. Is an eight-worker. Because the work is also very high. 99 a month.
Erhaizhong, and Damaoyi, live in the hospital. Because I really want it. In the middle of the courtyard house. I will also sing against it. Just don ’t work. Compared with a big one. I think it ’s a little low. Big three. Live in the front yard. Is an old student. Because the whole family. There is a person at work, so in the aspect of staying, it is directly very Ai. Especially one point. Everyone wants to make some flowers. What does this sentence mean? Because the three are in the middle of the courtyard. Basically, it is also the first to get off work. ”Silly column, you get off work very early now. ” In the previous paragraph. Circle it a few times. Will return to the courtyard house. Today ’s.
A little earlier than before. The three big eyes clear a look at He Yuzhu, is directly and the party took the initiative to summon. What is He Yuzhu ’s name? Yu Shizhu is called. How do you say ”not at all ”? What ’s He Yuzhu ’s name? I don ’t know if it ’s the original silly column. In He Yuzhu. What does this term mean? The whole person also feels very uncomfortable. He Yuzhu glanced at Fang. He Yuzhu didn ’t have anything, just carried the box and walked in the courtyard. He Yuzhu also thought about it. If someone keeps calling himself a silly pillar. Then I don ’t care about myself. He Yuzhu is also a deep feeling. People in this courtyard house. Is to be cheap. Do you have a name? But I call myself a silly pillar directly. Isn ’t this an insult? ? ?
I just don ’t know where he is. He Yuzhu is the three big ones who cross him. Greeting himself today has no effect.
The Big Three murmured in the corners of their mouths: ”It ’s really strange now. I used to smile when I called. Why don ’t I laugh today??? ” /p

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